This service to the academic and literary communities will expand and enrich itself in the months to come. Literary agent Amaryah Orenstein and Harvard Review Editor Christina Thompson may collaborate with me to add scope and value for both trade book / creative writers and scholarly books authors. We see our audience as professors on the way up as well as creative writers (in MFA programs or working independently) aiming for breakthrough books.


Thus far the David Emblidge Publishing Workshop has been offered at seven institutions, with some repeat visits: Univ. of Virginia, UMass Boston, St. Lawrence Univ., Clarkson Univ., SUNY Potsdam, SUNY Canton, and Emerson College. It was also presented online via Inquiries welcome at or 617-750-0579.


Thomas Jefferson and his booksellers: How did Jefferson build his extraordinary library at Monticello, the book collection that formed the core of the original Library of Congress? My essay “Bibliomany Has Possessed Me: Thomas Jefferson, The Booksellers’ Customer Extraordinaire” appeared in The International Journal of the Book, and I am expanding it to book length.

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“Asleep in the Cottage” is a small piece of my memoir-in-progress, Prevailing Winds.


Beneath the Metropolis: The Secret Lives of Cities is a book I conceived and edited (Alex Marshall, author). We’re looking for a producer/director for a documentary film or film series.