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Academics need to publish for promotion and career growth.


Most academics have no training in the publishing process; few universities have staff with book publishing experience.


A two-day “Book Publishing Workshop,” combining

A) An overview of the publishing process from author’s and publisher’s viewpoints

B) One-on-One consultations with an editor


David Emblidge
Associate Professor, MA in Publishing and Writing program
Emerson College, Boston

 Education: Ph.D., American Studies (Univ. of Minnesota); MA, English (Univ. of Virginia); BA, English (St. Lawrence Univ.)

 Editorial experience: Harvard Univ. Press, Cambridge Univ. Press, Continuum, Berkshire House, David Emblidge -- Book Producer, The Mountaineers Books, Globe Pequot Press

 Book packaging: St. Martin’s Press, Stackpole Books, Oxford Univ. Press, Da Capo Press, Avalon Publishing

 Publications: In addition to the books listed here under MY WORKS, scholarly articles and journalism in many periodicals, including The New Republic, Saturday Review, Southwest Review, Publishing Research Quarterly.

Please email me for further information about scheduling a Publishing Workshop for faculty and other writers on your campus.


David has most recently appeared in several journals, such as The International Journal of the Book.

Beneath the Metropolis: The Secret Lives of Cities
NOW IN PAPERBACK -- Writer Alex Marshall and Editor David Emblidge present a unique and colorful view of the subterranean environments of 12 world cities. Newer cities (New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Sydney) plus ancient cities (Mexico City, Paris, Rome, London, Moscow, Cairo, Tokyo, and Beijing). Interviews with architects, engineers, and planners, as well as on-site visits. Details the meandering underground networks that convey people, water, electricity, effluvia, and telecommunications, while cities face obstacles imposed by geology, archaeological history, and political and social constraints. Lavishly illustrated. Bibliography. Aimed at the general reader. Recommended for public libraries, for urban enthusiasts and armchair travelers.
Adapted from review in Library Journal, 2006

NOTE: Film rights optioned by Cumbo Media.

My Day: The Best of Eleanor Roosevelt's Acclaimed Newspaper Columns, 1936 - 1962
2012 was the 50th anniversary of Eleanor Roosevelt's death. Named "Woman of the Century" by the National Women's Hall of Fame, Eleanor Roosevelt wrote her hugely popular syndicated column "My Day" from 1936 to 1962 with hardly a week's interruption. This collection brings together for the first time in a single volume the very best of those columns, written with singular wit, elegance, compassion and insight -- everything from her personal perspectives on the New Deal and World War II to the painstaking diplomacy required of her as chair on the United Nations Committee on Human Rights after the war to the joys of gardening at her beloved Hyde Park home.
Eleanor Roosevelt "...was an unsurpassed and cherished communicator of America's best values." Biographer Blanche Wiesen Cook, in the Introduction

Exploring the Appalachian Trail: Hikes in Southern New England
Part of a five-volume series, "Exploring the Appalachian Trail"
Hikes in the Southern Appalachians, 2nd edition
Hikes in the Virginias, 2nd edition
Hikes in the Mid-Atlantic States, 2nd edition
Hikes in Southern New England, 2nd edition
Hikes in Northern New England

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Architecture / History / Engineering: Nonfiction
Ever wonder what goes on under the city streets? Find out here -- in twelve cites around the world. Water, transportation, commuications, buried history. Fascinating stories, fully illustrated.
Autobiography / History: Nonfiction
Mrs. Roosevelt wrote her column "My Day" six days a week for over a quarter of century, covering everything from politics to child rearing to the arts. Arthur Schlesinger called her "a remarkable woman." Indeed.
Outdoor Adventure: Trail Guides
260 miles of trails / 29 hikes / Close to New England villages or deep in a National Forest, inaccessible by roads, by a rushing river or over 4,000 ft Killington Mt.
Outdoor Adventure / Literary Anthology
A cornucopia of essays, journal entries, poems and more -- all about how America's most famous and oldest long hiking trail, from Georgia to Maine, was conceived and built, and how it is enjoyed by over four million people a year nowadays.
Soup to Nuts
A link to Amazon.com, for David Emblidge, and all the books (70+) where I am either author, editor, contributor, or a subject named in the text. Happy hunting!
Thanksgiving in Toulouse
An American Thanksgiving in France, broadcast on WAMC, NPR, Northeast Public Radio