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The Appalachian Trail Reader (Oxford Univ. Press, 1995)


"This beautifully literate compendium offers armchair travelers as sense of the trail's history; romance; and blood, sweat, and tears....The selections communicate the beauty and awe experienced on the trail."
--School Library Journal

"The collection nicely represents the range of writing about theTrail....For those interested in consulting a map of the Trail's narrative terrain, or in conducting initial explorations into its human and natural history, certainly The Appalachian Trail Reader is a good startingpoint."

"Speaking for myself, some of the most interesting items in this anthology were the Thru-Hiker Reports to the Appalachian Trail Conference, since these are not normally available in published form."
-- Linda Patton, Appalachian Trail Center, www.trailplace.com


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Outdoor Adventure: Trail Guides
260 miles of trails / 29 hikes / Close to New England villages or deep in a National Forest, inaccessible by roads, by a rushing river or over 4,000 ft Killington Mt.
Outdoor Adventure / Literary Anthology
A cornucopia of essays, journal entries, poems and more -- all about how America's most famous and oldest long hiking trail, from Georgia to Maine, was conceived and built, and how it is enjoyed by over four million people a year nowadays.
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